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Where can I purchase KIWI®?

KIWI® is distributed in over 120 countries around the world. Our products can be found at several grocery stores, supermarkets, retailers, wholesalers, rural & urban stores, spaza shops, pharmacies and mass merchandisers, as well as many shoe repair stores.

How do I remove shoe polish stains?

There are several ways to remove a shoe polish stain, depending on the material of the shoe. While you should always consult the manufacturer, there are a few general actions that can be taken for materials, such as clothing, carpets and furniture, as follows:
  • Treat the stain as quickly as possible (old stains are usually more difficult to remove)
  • If possible, never let a stain dry completely (it is almost always better to add a little water and detergent to keep it wet).
  • Most shoe care products are coloured with dyes and/or pigments. If these are absorbed into a material (for example, wool, suede and soft leather) it is often impossible to completely remove the stain without damaging the material (for example, some dyed materials may lose colour or wool may become fluffy).

What is the difference between suede and nubuck?

Nubuck is prepared by roughening the surface of leather – almost always the outside of leather. It has a texture of short protein fibers and is quite resistant to stains and wear.

Suede is almost always prepared by roughening the inside (flesh side) of leather. This causes a longer texture of protein fibers, which are, unless treated, very absorbent, easy to stain and easily damaged in normal wear.

When treating suede or nubuck, always complete the treatment by brushing with a suitable brush. Use only quality branded protective sprays to prevent stains and repel water.

How do I share feedback with KIWI®?

If you’d like to contact KIWI®, please feel free to email us.

How can I contact KIWI®?

If you’d like to contact KIWI®, please feel free to email us.