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Real Leather Insoles

KIWI® Real Leather Insoles

  • Cut from genuine leather that's slim, long lasting and moisture absorbing
  • Helps you feel comfortable no matter how tight or stiff your shoes may be
  • Backed by foam rubber that contains odour-fighting charcoal, resulting in comfort and freshness for footwear of all kinds

Using KIWI® Real Leather Insoles

Step 1

Cut insoles to size with scissors following the cutter guide printed on the bottom of the insole.

Step 2

Insert into shoe.

Real Leather Insoles are perfect for making your shoes more comfortable and fresh. They can also help you make your shoes last longer. Many shoes original insoles wear through over time but are not removable due to being glued to the shoe on manufacture, meaning an uncomfortable wear for you or throwing them away. To avoid this, place a slim, but durable, KIWI® Real Leather Insole over the top to restore them back to their former comfortable glory.